When I began work for VPM, I realized they were quite serious when they said that new hires would be “thrown right into it” and I needed to figure out how to swim. Part of the design offerings from the team was animated trailers. I was intimidated but determined to learn and excel.

After months of bugging my coworkers for advice and after-hours practice, I gave in and decided to take a motion graphics class. Along with my coworkers I signed up at the local JC and devoted every Monday evening and weekends to honing my keyframes to give my google a rest from the constant “how do I in After Effects…”

Alas, I had found my newest obsession and volunteered for every video project at work that I could. This video was my final project and quite fun, because it served no purpose other than entertainment and the call to action to adopt a cat. With what experience I had already I used my resources: hired a copywriter to come up with a script, got a wonderful voice over from fiverr, and let the creating begin.

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