Happy Jack Smoking Club is on a mission to reinsert art and ritual into cannabis culture through its artist-inspired clothing line. Jack came to us with a drawing that he wanted translated into a full brand.

The Challenge

  1. Create a visual identity that can be seamlessly communicated across small packaging, websites, merchandise, and more.
  2. Digitize hand-drawn, art and designs.
  3. Incorporate artwork back into the cannabis industry through an inspiring visual brand identity

The Strategy

To help Happy Jack on his journey to flip the script on cannabis use, I created a cohesive and unique visual identity to communicate his message across analog and digital platforms and media. To stand out against the corporate, cookie cutter approach of large cannabis conglomerates, I created visuals and package design that spoke to the rebellious and ritualistic roots of cannabis. The designs work both to catch the eyes of potential customers and to communicate a strong message, be it via a T-shirt or product packaging.

The Project

Jack was in no way an ordinary businessman. In order to reflect his rock n’ roll style and nonconformist ideals I created a bright color palette (from which he requested be in the spirit of poisonous frogs) and drew inspiration from the “Art Nouveau” posters of the 60’s. I dissected the drawing into elements to create different versions of the logo, assigned typefaces and created unique illustrations for use on the website and social media. Through all of this Jack was given a complete, recognizable brand capable of  evolving overtime and very fitting of “Happy Jack” himself.

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